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All your management tools in one place

HR Budget
Tasks Management
Access Control
People Profile
Org Development

Explore your organization from the comfort of your mobile devices

Delegate and track accountability effectively

Scale your business operations with confidence
Know what's on everyone's plate and delegate tasks more effectively
Create informative, shareable and easy to use interactive
Org Chart in minutes with our sleek user interface
Our HR map increases team visibility and help you strategize
Grow fast but remain adaptable

Compact interface

Information are intelligently arranged and accessible with just a click.

Intuitive interface

Click on a position and drill down on information you need. Simply elegant.

Simple yet functional

We packed a ton of functionality in a consistent interface. More features are coming.

Division wide KPI

Assign division wide or individual KPI. All neatly and logically laid out for top management to access.

Restructure & realign

Restructuring your org chart is now as easy as drag and drop or just a click away.

Team's work list

View and review everyone's worklist in just a single click. Create SOPs for complex task, when you need to.

Manage your SOP's

Forget folders. Remember when you lost your SOP files? Never again. All SOP's are logically organized according to the positions in your organization. It's quick, intuitive and highly accessible.

KPI Management

Manage all your KPI's in an org chart. Have some legacy or complex KPI files? Add a link to the file so they are just a click away from you.

Add and assign profiles

Adding new employee profiles and assigning them to a new position only take seconds. The new employee will inherit all the relevant information related to that position.

Curious about someone

Detailed employee profiles is just a click away. Know your people folks.

Organizational insight

Viewing detailed information about your team from a wider perspective helps you form the right mental model when making decisions for your organization. It's intuitive and quick.

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Automated reminder

Define your organization's vision, mission, core values, and OrgEngine will remind everyone periodically.

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Organizational transparency

Updating your chart regularly helps you gauge the overall health of your company. The chart will also stay relevent and useful for the rest of your organization.

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Efficiently manage these key functions in one place
Reduce the friction and confusion of jumping between different applications
Design organization structure
Communicate Goals, Mission, Vision
Establish team structure

A winning team needs a leader. A well designed structure promotes organizational alignment. A team structure is a framework and setting it early on can avoid painful conflict down the road.

Personal reports
Write job descriptions
Assign and track KPI
Define everyone's role and responsibilities

Clear cut roles and responsibilities is key to accountability. Prevent blame game before it even begins. Redistribute and redelegate responsibilities as your organization evolves.

Monitor documentations
Organized hierarchically
Write simple process flow
Backed to the cloud
Document your business processes

Know what's on everyone's plate. Listing all tasks, defining and understanding your business processes goes a long way. Learn how to prioritize processes early.

Access people profiles
Prepare HR budget
Search internal talent
Keep track of your HR Resources

Allocate resources effectively. Identify waste and redistribute them to other functional business area that increases your ROI. Sometimes the best talent is already in your organization.

How it works
Design your organization
Structure your organization anyway you need. Create flat, vertical, or whatever structure that suites your organization. Why not create a functional org chart? Here's a quick introduction to a functional org chart by Business Coach Rich Allen. Many business owners find his advise useful.
Add people profiles
Create a basic people profile by adding their name. You can quickly add multiple profile before you start assigning them. Assign people by clicking on the "+" icon in each position, or you can drag and drop profiles from the people profiles tab.
Assign people to position
Freely assign people to their respective position. You can assign a person to multiple position or organization.
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OrgEngine is born out of the necessity to simplify organizational management. As a new manager or CEO, you will find yourself wearing multiple hats, executing different functions at different times, leaving you overwhelmed. OrgEngine takes all the lessons and concepts in management books and implement them in a practical format for you to quickly execute.